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International Conference on Green Buildings & Sustainable Engineering (GBSE 2018)

Welcome to the International Conference on Green Buildings and Sustainable Engineering (GBSE 2018) organised by Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology (RSET), Kochi, India together with Research and Testing Centre for Thermal Solar Systems (TZS), ITW, University of Stuttgart, Germany on 24th and 25th January 2018 at RSET. The conference GBSE 2018 under the theme “Transforming our Built Environment through Innovation and Integration towards a Smart and Sustainable Future” will be an important step towards fulfilling the dream that one day we can live in a clean, healthy, and high quality environment, where cities, townships, and communities are built on the fundamentals of Green Buildings and Sustainable Engineering. The conference will bring together Green Buildings advocates, industry, policy-makers, architects and academicians from different parts of the world. Green and smart buildings will reduce pollution and degradation of environment through efficient usage of energy, water and other resources supporting healthy living and improving productivity.

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Theme for this year’s conference is "Transforming our Built Environment through Innovation and Integration towards a Smart and Sustainable Future"

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      Green Buildings
      Smart Energy Systems
      Green Manufacturing & Materials
      Nanotechnology for Environmental Remediation and Protection
      Sustainable Energy Technologies
      Energy Storage Technology and Materials
      Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability Assessment of Materials and Products
      Recycling and Waste Management
      Security of Energy Supply
      Ecological Liveable Environment Construction
      Sustainable Traffic Solutions including e-mobility
      Effective Water Management Systems
      Sanitation and Waste Water Management
      Architectural Concepts for Smart Cities including Advanced Tools such as GIS
      Environmental Geotechnics
      Ground Improvement Techniques